Georgian Floral Ring

About the ring


his is a piece you definitely do not come across every day! A beautiful, and all original Georgian floral ring. Set with many differently shaped rose-cut diamonds, and an unidentifiable (due of wear,) red stone (possibly Spinel?)— this ring has certainly been loved by all its owners in its 200+ years of existence.

How to tell that its Georgian in origin? In its construction. Beautifully hand crafted with the diamonds set in silver, and the silver mountings fused on top of gold. But a few other giveaways exist. There is the leaf motif on each side (a classic, and romantic Georgian motif) along with the wear and patina of the metals.

Pieces of this age are usually in a delicate condition, and this is no exception. Not for every day wear, but you can definitely admire this piece, even if it is just sitting on your dresser as a small piece of art.  It stands as a testament to one true principle: excellent craftsmanship and elegant design will always transcend generations.

– N 

Ring courtesy of McTamney’s Jeweller & Pawnbroker, Toronto.