Coral Talon Ring: A Drop of the Ocean

A quick history on Coral rings and things…


he use of coral dates back at least 25,000 years, it has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs to pre historic European burial sites. The greeks saw coral as a material with great amulet power. In fact, according to Greek mythology it came from the blood of Medusa’s head after it had been severed by Perseus.

For hundreds of years it has been said to protect the wearer from magical spells, especially children. From Spain to Italy, infants were painted holding branches of coral in their portraits.

Today, the story for coral is very different…

Coral Ring Vertical Side

Coral Today...

Over the past several decades, the harvesting of coral has become heavily regulated with many jewellers either turning completely away from the material (like Tiffany & Co. did in 2002,) or have turned to using repurposed coral from vintage and antique pieces.

With increasing water pollution, and rising sea temperatures coral faces an uphill battle for survival, however all is not lost. In fact, since 2000 Tiffany & Co. has donated more than $85 million dollars to organizations specializing in the conservation of natural resources, including coral reefs. In addition to this initiative, the use of alternative materials and repurposed coral will help ensure the sustainability of the material for future generations. 

I find this coral talon ring incredibly steeped in sentiment. It is almost as if the creature’s hand is clutching something forever precious, and keeping it tight around your finger. A reminder to hold close and protect the things we find so beautiful in this world.

– N

Coral RIng Close Up

Ring courtesy of McTamney’s Jeweller & Pawnbroker, Toronto.

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