Cupid’s Crossfire With David Michael Jewels

The Backstory on Cupid's Crossfire


henever I’ve asked someone about their jewellery, I have often found that I uncover a savoury story of lust, passion, or love.

This experience took an unexpected turn when I reached out to my friend Michael, over at David Michael Jewels. I sent an email to him about two weeks ago asking his perspective on how love is represented in jewellery, and to see if he would be willing to share a piece from his personal collection, or something he had created which whispered a love story.

When I heard back from him, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! Instead of sharing an existing piece he wanted to create a rendering of a special jewel inspired by pure love.

And here is the result! I’ve dubbed this rendering Cupid’s Crossfire. Michael kindly wrote a footnote about all the iconography he used in the work! Read below.

Michael’s Notes:

“When you asked me to share a jewel that captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day it was a very exiting challenge.

In this design I tried to capture that overwhelming feeling of love with all its many complex layers and details, that feeling of almost being too much, but at the same time it just works.

We’ve always loved reinterpreting traditional jewellery motifs, adding our own fresh twist and unique view point, this brooch design incorporates many of my favourite icons of love.”

“Here Cupid’s eye is acting as the match maker bringing together what was two individuals into one, pinning them forever together with his arrows. The starry night is for all the romantic moonlit walks shared together. The honey drop coloured pear shape diamond on the bottom is to represent the warmth of the sun, that feeling of warmth to me is the ultimate representation of love.”

Thank you Michael for creating this beautiful piece for us all to enjoy! Love may be blind, but Cupid sure isn’t – who do you think he’ll hit next?

If you want to learn more about David Michael Jewels, check out the article I wrote on them here. You can also check out their website, and Instagram.