My Top Women in Gold


s we celebrate women this month, I thought it would be important to curate my top women in jewellery. These individuals push our industry forward in amazing ways, and represent excellence in their field of work. Each one of these women brings something unique to the table. Whether its preserving a dying technique, or thinking ahead of their time – I believe it is something to celebrate!

Loren Nicole

Loren Teetelli illuminates her archeological studies, and translates them into modern, wearable jewels. Spurred by her work at the most prestigious museums in New York, Loren sought to deepen her understanding of the materials which surrounded her. Loren has supplemented her self-learning by enrolling in workshops and one-on-one training with masters of these rare techniques.



I have a very high level of respect for Loren, her use of antiquated techniques such as repousee/chasing or hand-forging chain, and focus on ethically sourced materials creates a uniquely striking aesthetic which finds an exquisite balance between the modern and ancient worlds. Loren works out her studio in California, which can be visited by appointment. For more information on Loren and her work, check out her website, and follow her Instagram.

Women in Jewelry: Loren Nicole

Jemma Wynne

From Jenny’s European adventures and extensive design experience, to Stephanie’s inspiration stemming from her favourite bead shop in Washington D.C., and back ground in graphic design – this dynamic duo creates ideal “go to” jewellery for daily wear, or special occasions. Sophisticated but casual, they combine their design aesthetics to create what they declare as, “The cashmere hoodie of jewellery. Rich, but comfortable.”



What these designers bring to the table is a fresh take on precious jewels and how they fit into our everyday lives. Designed with unexpected details, these pieces are created to stand out on their own, but also connect with one another. This delivers an endless opportunity to layer and mix to define your own unique aesthetic. Find these jewels online, and be sure to follow their Instagram for the latest collections, and exciting behind the scenes content.

Women in Jewelry: Jemma Wynne

Karpov Paris

Meet Hélène and Jeanne of Karpov Paris. These twins are taking Instagram by storm with their awe inspiring gouache painting skills, and beautiful approachable jewellery! With years of experience behind them working for the finest jewellers in Place Vendome, these women are pursuing their passion. Together they are sharing their secrets behind a rarified art form through their online web series. You too can learn how to paint jewellery in gouache, and see your designs come to life!



Stay tuned for my profile on these talented twins, publishing April 25th! In the mean time, keep in touch with Hélène and Jeanne by following their Instagram, or visit their website. If you are interested in taking their painting course, you can enroll in their series here.

Women in Jewelry: Karpov Paris

Suzanne Belperron

Suzanne Belperron was one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. She began her career in 1919 working for the Maison Boivin and as the firms sole creator, her distinct aesthetic of modern, refined, and wearable jewels quickly transformed the company. Her work would be featured in Vogue Magazine on numerous occasions, and she would later decide that her jewels would go unsigned declaring, “My style is my signature.” Belperron would continue to create throughout WWII, and into the late 1970’s until her retirement.




What I adore about this Maison, is that today the team at Belperron curates an enticing collection of original designs, and modern reinterpretations taken from the pages of 9,200 unique paintings by Suzanne herself. For more information, visit them online, and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Women in Jewelry: Suzanne Belperron

 Featured Cover Image: Belperron Gold and Rock Crysal Cuff