Pasha Moezzi: Man & Machine


asha Moezzi, Toronto's preeminent art jewellery designer, is at it again! Cozied up in his Annex-based studio, he is engineering a new collection inspired by a classic Art Deco favourite - the robot. When I heard what he was up to, I packed my camera gear to head over and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his latest project.

Pasha Moezzi selecting gemstones at his drafting table.

“It all started with one…” Pasha explained, “…I was working on a new creation for the Automaton jewellery show, and was inspired by the 1927 German film, Metropolis.”¬†He continued, “The film is an Art Deco masterpiece in both scale and cinematography…when I saw the robot I knew I had to create my interpretation of it. The process was so much fun I couldn’t help but turn it into a complete brooch and pendant collection.”

Pasha Moezzi drafting.

Inspecting Pasha's signature "city map" embossing plates.

The Robots

In true mad genius style, Pasha is constructing his Robots from scraps, past prototypes, and recycled sterling silver and 18-karat gold. The result is an astounding collection that is personal and deeply layered. Not only is Pasha’s ethically sourced take of the Deco movement on full display, but his playful personality and whimsical outlook on the world vividly comes to life.

Angel Bot awaiting assembly.

Pasha Moezzi at his work bench.

Adding Soul

Gold and silver halos, acrylic appendages, and luminously jewelled eyes and joints are the elements that bring soul to these otherwise cold forms. Throughout the collection, you’ll discover an array of electric blue sapphires and rubies, glowing green tourmalines, and radiant topaz gems – each hand-selected by Pasha for their distinct character, and matched with perfection to their one-of-a-kind bot.

Mounting a silver leg to be cut.

Measuring cabochon emeralds.

Selecting a dremel burr.

Fitting an emerald joint.

Pasha Moezzi inspecting his favourite robot.

When to Expect

Pasha has only just begun working on this collection, but he’s planning to have the first five robots completed by summer. The final jewels in the collection will be taking form in time for New York City Jewellery Week in November of this year. For any inquires about this collection, or if you are looking to have a bespoke piece made by Pasha, follow him on Instagram, or visit his website.

Robo-Pasha and his trusty dog.

– N

Thank you Pasha for letting me be behind the scenes of your exciting new collection! To discover more interesting people like Pasha, please visit the People page.