Take5 w/ St. Eloi Vintage

St. Eloi VintageJewel huntress, dog lover. 90’s childhood dreams, adult money. Gilded memories, jewelled existence. Buy it now, or forever regret.

Who inspired you as a kid?

My mum! She just retired after selling her own business, and now packs orders for St. Eloi (just like I packed press kits for her as a kid)!

What got you into jewellery?

Summers [spent] making friendship bracelets.

📷 C/O: St. Eloi

What’s your guilty pleasure?

3D Doritos, a full bag at a time.

📷 C/O: St. Eloi

How do you, “live the dream?”

By keeping more jewellery than I tell anyone (shh!)

What’s your jewellery pet peeve?

People who never take their jewellery off, even when applying creams or cooking 🤮

Photo: Jess Kalman | Nails/Model: Naildit By Alyssa

How do you keep up with everyone?

I absolutely do not manage this!

Where can we find you on Friday night?

On the couch with the dog, a beer, and a shitty ‘90s action movie.

📷 C/O: St. Eloi
📷 C/O: St. Eloi

How do you stay on-time?

ADHD means I’m either half an hour early or two weeks late. Sorry!

📷 C/O: St. Eloi

What will you never sell?

My antique locket with a tuft of my first pug’s hair inside.

What do you daydream about?

Life without Instagram.

Who do you want to talk to?

The dog – but she’d probably ignore me like she does already.

📷 C/O: St. Eloi

Where’s the dog?

In a sunbeam.