About The Founder


first fell in love with the jewellery industry in 2014. Being a recent graduate of fashion business I was feeling lost and unsure of what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go. When an opportunity came up for me to live in Sicily for two months and intern with an eccentric group of artisans, I took it. I thought it would be the perfect chance to really find what drove me, and maybe, just maybe, I would come back to Toronto feeling truly inspired to do something great.

I wasn’t wrong. The final stop for me was a fine jeweller who specialized in custom made jewellery. To say I was fascinated daily would be an understatement. Working and learning side by side with highly skilled artisans, and seeing their passion come out in both their work and when we broke for an espresso break to chat about the industry changed my life forever.

After returning to Toronto, I went back to school to become a gemologist. School was gruelling, but completely worth it. After gemmology, I returned to become a certified appraiser through the Master Valuer program. Through my work and school experience over the past years, I have really come to appreciate how special the jewellery industry is as a whole. Artisans work for hours on end to craft these precious objects we hold so dear; and every piece has a history, a story.


It consistently breaks my heart when I come across a spectacularly crafted piece which isn’t signed with a maker mark. I think to myself, “do you not want the world to know what you created? Why wouldn’t you want to document your skill? Don’t you want to be remembered?”

The piece and who made it is just one part of the story. What about the person who wore it? What spoke to them to select it from the showcase to buy? Why was it precious to them?

It’s questions like these which keep me up at night, and have me driven to explore the jewellery industry, and all its mystery.

Like you I love a good story. Join me, as I explore and archive everything I can. For the latest updates, please check out and follow my Instagram.


– Nicholas