Hemmerle’s Infused Jewels Collection

Released at TEFAF Maastricht after four years of development, Hemmerle has crafted something we’re all in need of: a healing cup of tea, a collection of exceptional jewellery, and a comforting book. Renowned for exploring humanity's relationship with nature, Hemmerle’s Infused Jewels collection is a sensory experience that instills the importance of slowing down, smelling life’s roses, and most importantly, not losing touch with our roots.


Hemmerle Strawberry earrings, demantoid garnets, aluminium, copper, white gold, Price on application. C/O: Hemmerle

Tea For The Soul

Since the turn of the 19th century, Munich has been an epicentre for homoeopathy– a system of alternative herbal medicine. Blending a passion for interpreting nature with a vision of illustrating history in unexpected ways, Hemmerle brewed the heart of Infused Jewels with a bespoke tea blend. After immersing themselves in a world of botanical books, herb gardens, and rich flavours, Hemmerle worked with Romana Auth of Kräutergarten München, the first ecologically certified herb house in Munich, to forge their fusion of ingredients. 


Hemmerle Infused Jewels Tea Blend created with Kräutergarten München, C/O: Hemmerle


The result: A delicate, amber-hued herbal tea, with notes of lemon balm, verbena, ginger flower, lavender, and cinnamon. For centuries, tea has transcended cultures and has come to represent a healing moment of reflection, and with thirteen ingredients, Hemmerle’s blend exemplifies this ritual of purification.


Hemmerle Rosemary earrings, tanzanites, bronze, white gold, Price on application. C/O: Hemmerle


Jewels For The Eyes

At a time of world disruption, Hemmerle began embarking on a meditative journey of creation. A result of thousands of hours of experimentation, the thirteen jewel collection is emblematic of Hemmerle’s master craftspeople. Showcasing their patience through the use of non-traditional materials such as anodized aluminium, bronze, and porcelain, Infused Jewels highlights a meticulous balance of craftsmanship, imagination, and innovation.


 Hemmerle Lemon balm earrings, tsavorites, aluminium, white gold, Price on Application, C/O: Hemmerle


The orange blossom brooch speaks to a particular change in step at Hemmerle as it’s the first time a jewels element has been made outside their Munich atelier. Crafted primarily of bronze, natural pearls, and tsavorite garnets, Hemmerle collaborated with the historic Bavarian porcelain maker, Nymphenburg, for the brooches’ snow-white blossoms. Formed of crisp bisque porcelain, the blossoms crystalized a collaboration between these two esteemed houses. Further steeping this relationship is a series of handcrafted, bespoke tea caddies that are married to each jewel. Adorned with herbal details, these caddies connect the beholder back to the ceremony and ritualistic elements of tea.


Hemmerle Orange Blossom brooch, natural saltwater pearls, demantoid garnets, bisque porcelain, bronze, white gold, Price on Application, C/O Hemmerle


Personifying Infused Jewels ever further was undoubtedly top of mind when crafting the lavender earrings. Distinctly made in an abstract floral-lace style, the intricate beds of lavender pods create ideal saucers for the tanzanite gems. Integrated within the reverse of the earrings is a latch and cavity designed to be filled with lavender flowers that diffuse a natural scent– elevating again this one-of-a-kind sensory experience.


Hemmerle Lavender earrings, tanzanites, aluminium, bronze white gold, Price on Application, C/O: Hemmerle


A Book For The Heart

The tone of this collection wouldn’t have been the same without the creation of Hemmerle’s storybook, The Herb Garden. Written by Greta Bellamacina, and beautifully illustrated by Rosanna Tasker, the book tells a story about a young girl named Bee who lives in a large, dreary, concrete metropolis called, “Algorython.” In Algorython, many languages are spoken which leads to great challenges and confusion.

Bee finds refuge from the outside world through having tea with her eccentric grandmother, and listening to stories about her grandmother’s time working in the city’s once luscious gardens, now lost to oppressive buildings. Dreaming of starting her own garden, Bee is gifted a few seeds from her Grandmother, and together they start a small garden that quickly outgrows their balcony and expands to the empty plot next door. As the garden grows, the clouds part, people become friendlier, and nature returns to the once bleak city.

The lesson: beauty and love grows where you plant and nurture the seeds.


A young Bee tosses seeds from her balcony garden to the city of Algorython, "The Herb Garden." Illustration by Rosanna Tasker.


A Time Of Reflection

The timing of this collection’s release could not have been more pivotal. Hemmerle’s Infused Jewels collection extends beyond nature’s beauty and rich cultural history– it’s an epitome of what our society needs today; the savouring of a moment, a celebration of open imagination and collaboration, and the cherishing of peace and harmony.


Hemmerle Rose Brooch, diamonds, aluminium, yellow gold, Price on Application, C/O: Hemmerle


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