With over a decade of experience working in the luxury fashion and jewellery spheres, Photographer and Gemologist Nicholas Hyatt (a.k.a. Ping Pong Ring) brings the human story to jewellery and fashion photography.

Rooted in a client’s ethos and codes, Nicholas spotlights his commissions by interweaving them with related human experiences. Using a literary and fine art approach, he focuses on crafting images that tell a story about his client's collections and describes his photographic style as, "...uniquely illustrative, witty, and curiously thought-provoking; there's always a deeper narrative than what first meets the eye that makes people stop and stare."

With a passion for preserving classic media production in a contemporary way, Nicholas is known for finding a harmonious and enriching balance between a film and digital photography practice. Working tirelessly in pre-production, he often uses old-world and new-world techniques and equipment throughout his craft to achieve a thoughtfully considered aesthetic.

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