Take5 w/ Marla Aaron

Stepping into Marla Aaron’s world releases all preconceptions about what jewelry is and could be. Bold materials, fascinating construction, and jewels of historic and unforeseen inspiration lie within her alluring orange jewelry box and enticing vending machines. Now, I bring you an (unexpected) conversation with The Playful Rebel of 47th St., Marla Aaron.


C/O: Marla Aaron


Why did you choose to work in jewellery?

This is not something I chose. I had a career in marketing and advertising for over 20 years. I found it largely unsatisfying. My obsession with jewelry began before my work life began. It was ongoing and constant. There is no kind of jewelry that I am not interested in but I am specifically obsessed with mechanisms of any kind and their beauty.

What's your favourite way to rebel?

I mostly don’t understand rules, so the act of not understanding rules is in and of itself a rebellion.



C/O: Marla Aaron


With one word, describe life on 47th St.

That’s not fair Nic. But if you insist…47th street IS New York. It is the story of New York on one small city block, and it plays out every single minute of every day.


C/O: Marla Aaron


If you could knit a scarf of gold, which colour would it be?

I would never knit a scarf. I only knit blankets. I would use every single colour of gold I could get my hands on from 10-kt to 22-Kt with as many shades of colour as I could find to make the most glorious sampler blanket of all the colours of gold that exist. I would have to plan the weights so it was balanced physically but definitely imbalanced visually. It would be beautiful

Is it true you dominate at Ping Pong?

Who told you that? I demand to know and I challenge that person to a game 😄


C/O: Marla Aaron


What keeps you moving forward?

I have so many ideas I want to execute…I really hope I get to….there is so much to do. I don’t understand the question really….

Who’s your favourite fictional character?

Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of course. His character marvellously stumbles into his very best designs, which is a very accurate portrayal of how it goes for me most of the time.


C/O: Marla Aaron


Where’s the best inspiration spot?

For me, this is not a thing. There is no spot for inspiration. It happens anywhere. I wanted our Trundle Lock series of Bracelets and Rings to open with the ease of a toilet paper roll [holder]. Our DiMe Siempre rings with stoned clasps were inspired [by] the way jewelled evening bags open. I explained to our jewellers how I wanted our Rolling Spheres rings to function like a tennis ball in a box. Saying that inspiration is everywhere is such a tired cliché but it’s true. For me and my team, it’s in the most pedestrian objects.


C/O: Marla Aaron


Dream location for a jewellery vending machine installation?

For me the dream location is wherever people are. That it can exist as something that could be a part of their life. The lobby of a building, on the street (this is always my favourite). Anywhere that people are…

Give us a clue on what’s coming next?

I already did!


C/O: Marla Aaron


How do you reward yourself?

Leather goods and liquorice.


C/O: Marla Aaron


What helps you measure your impact on the world?

Wow, this is a scary question. If I spend too much time thinking about it I could become paralyzed by the smallness of my impact on this large role but that’s the wrong lens. The best way to view “impact” is really in your immediate universe—how do I do in my tiny spot of jewelry—do we bring joy to people? Lots of different kinds of people? Hopefully, that has a domino effect….This is a hard question. Can I go do more stuff and come back to you with a proper answer?


By all means Marla, can’t wait to chat again soon…

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