Discover and explore the intimate beauty of analogue practices and join the movement to preserve the dying art of print media. The first edition of tangents, released in November 2023, is limited to 70 signed copies worldwide, alongside select editioned prints.




There’s a fascinating intersection between jewellery and analogue/print media. Jewellery is one of the most common things to pass through generations, but it’s also one of the easiest to misplace and change. Often, these missing or altered jewels are re-discovered in their original form through analogue media, giving us priceless insight into a period’s culture and influences. However, in our increasingly digital world, this assurance of re-discovery is at risk to future generations as photos and materials get lost in a world of sub-folders, external hard drives and cell phone photo galleries.

Discover the refined intimacy of print media and join the movement in protecting this dying art for future generations.



From high-energy consuming presses to polymer-based inks and non-recyclable coated papers, it’s easy to brand print media as unsustainable - enter the Risograph.

Released in Japan during the 1980s, the Risograph uses rice-bran oil ink and recycled/FSC-certified uncoated paper stock to produce breathtakingly vivid images; all while consuming less electricity than a photocopier.

Although originally intended to print one and two-colour posters, there is a fresh, unhinged generation of printers re-imagining this technology to bring a more eco-friendly printing option to full-colour production. The results are tactile books and artwork with a distinct, guilt-free, vintage aesthetic.



Tangent's was created to not only explore analogue media, but to also find an enriching and harmonious balance between it and the digital world.

In search of this, I created a 16mm short-film as part of the Fleeting Shadows editorial in collaboration with Toronto-based designer, Sanaz Doost.

Available through a QR code within the book, this short film acts as the bridge between analogue and digital mediums, highlighting the beauty of a film format in a binary realm.