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Take a journey and ignite your passion for jewellery, photography and analogue media with my inaugural Zine, tangents. Broken down into five sections, tangents is filled with striking, narrative-driven imagery and stories, expressive of my jewelled-world perspective.

In search of an analogue but sustainable printing option, I turned to using a Risograph printer for tangents' production. A fascinating piece of 80's technology, the Risograph was originally invented to produce one and two-colour posters using rice bran oil ink and FSC-certified paper. Pushing the limits of this tech, the pages of tangents were passed through the printer up to three times to be coated in rich Pantone ink and vivid imagery that has a screen-print-like finish, an aesthetic that is impossible to achieve using traditional book-printing methods.

Encapsulating the tone of analogue media in our digital world, a short film, shot on Kodak 16mm Vision 3 film stock, was produced in partnership with Toronto-based jewellery designer, Sanaz Doost, accessible via a QR-coded link inside.

Each copy of tangents is dispatched in a custom-made, archivable folio cover with a "binge worthy bling" metallic gold-ink poster and a pair of white gloves.

  • Signed, First Edition of 50
  • 49-Page, B5 Format Book
  • Archive-Ready Folio
  • One, Metallic Gold-Ink Poster
  • Sustainably Printed in Toronto
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